"Conceptual and Quirky"

Here lies the act listings of Coco Deville's conceptually and aesthetically neo burlesque stage shows.


Taking inspiration from popular culture,  and  big band music teamed in high end costuming, these stages are perfect for events for seasoned and novice cabaret crowds.


Music: 'Venus in Furs'- Velvet Underground

All gaze and be entranced by the exotic beauty that is the voodoo Priestess. Observe her tribal finery and provocative moves, as she embarks in her ritualistic display of her power.
This at is a true display of Ms Deville's dance background, placed with fetish under tones.


Music: 'Sexy and I know it' – LMFAO

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder' Ms Deville takes advantage of this favoured cliché to the highest realm! Fusion of cheesecake burlesque, street dance and simply dance moves you hate to love this act will leave you with cheesy grins! A wonderfully fun and quirky neo- burlesque act.

  gO-GO uHURA!

Music: 'Star Trek Theme' into "Rich Man's Frug"

These are the voyages of the star ship enterprise!.
With intricately timed choreography, defined lipsync action with high energy 60's gogo aesthetics watch how Coco Deville embodies and pays a true homage of of the most iconic figuers in TV history!


Music: 'You make me Feel' - Sylvester

It's studio 54 and it's time to take the floor, It's a saturday night, it time to take the spotlight. Now is the moment, the moment to Boogie. Ms Deville pays tribute to the disco era with dynamic disco dancing displays and dazzling costuming.


 Music: "The blue wrath" I monster,"I like big butts" Sir Mix a lot 'Bigger than hip hip' Dead Prez

We all love a sweet treat and  this little bunny rabbit is no exception. Although at first ,she is eager to shed the extra jiggle watch as she begins to embrace her new found curves with uplifting and humours results. If you've got it flaunt it!

© 2017 by Coco Deville