"Theatrical and Glamourous"

Here lies the act listings of Coco Deville's conceptually and aesthetically traditional burlesque stage shows.


Taking inspiration from classical,go-go and  big band music teamed in high end glitz, these stages are perfect for events for seasoned and novice cabaret crowds.

 The Raven's Rapture

Music: "Dance of the Knights" - Prokofiev into " Black Musette" -  Nicholas Repac

"Open here I flung the shutter, when, with many a flirt and flutter, In there stepped a stately Raven of the saintly days of yore;"
Taking inspiration and featuring text of Edgar Allen Poe's 'The Raven' this a deeply dramatic and sensual take on a traditional classic fan dance

Oo La Chocolat

Music: 1980's Chocolate flake advert into 'Memphis Exorcism' - Squirrel nut zippers

Taking inspiration from the 'tongue and cheek' nature of  the 1980's TV commercials, Ms Deville embodies of one of the nations favourite chocolate bars; The cadburys chocolate flake! Resulting in a true feast for the eyes. This is truly a unique and comedic take on a traditional striptease act.

 Tiger Temptess

Music: 'Tiger Rag'- Mills Brothers, into Sweet Pussy cat - Andre Williams

This circus tigress longs to and tease and please the crowds but needs the laughter and smiles of the audience to come out of hiding. Then, once she has gained the crowd's love and devotion she can show her true stripes!
This is an upbeat humorous character act, with a sassy bump and grind tassle twirling finale.

 Video coming soon

Music: "Echos of Harlem" - Kenny Baker

Down in 1930's Harlem, this femme fetale  will welcome you into the kingdom of hedonism and night time pleasures all with the smoke, jazz and a liquor steeped backdrop.
Ms Deville pays tribute to a throw back time of care free performance and with a glamorously charismatic act with sensual overtones.


Music: "Such Sweet Thunder" into " KOKO" -  Duke Ellington

Do not let the feather clad, beaded detail, glitter soaked costuming fool you! In down town 1940's Harlem, showgirls didn't just dance for your viewing pleasure, they took over the stage and your heart.
Ms Deville pays tribute to a throw back time of care free performance and with a energetically charismatic act with glamours overtones.

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